Established in the year 1965, this is one of the oldest day care schools in Delhi for children with special needs. It provides educational and therapeutic services to the children with intellectual disability and associated conditions. Renovations & refurbishments take place, in order to make it a stimulating learning environment. The approach to teaching is child centered, practical, and enjoyable. The school has a dedicated team of special educators, whose skill up-gradation is taken up from time to time, by the Society.

Currently the school caters to over 68 children with special needs who receive quality rehabilitation, education and training. The children are grouped into classes according to their chronological age and level of functioning and have students from the age of 6 to 40 yrs.

The school has also introduced Open Basic Education programs of National Institute of Open School (NIOS) in order to provide flexible learning to the students.

Sports, Music, Singing, Dancing, Yoga, Drama, Art, Clay-modeling classes are taken up in the extra-curricular activities being held in school.

Regular Schools interact with students through SUPW related sessions.

The students take part in Inter-School/ Inter-state Competitions & carefully screened public/private functions in all extra-curricular activities followed in School. They also participate in the Special Olympics.

The School has a ramp to provide easy access to all students and makes the building barrier free. There is a fully equipped & monitored Recreational Hall & Library facility too.

Familiarity & usage of a Computer has become a part of daily life. The Okhla Centre School believes in preparing children at par with their peers. The School has a computer section equipped with 8 computers & an instructor. Regular computer training is provided in the school. This gives children exposure to learn simple operations on the system & provides them with job-oriented skills. It also provides a recreational activity of playing games like other children of their age. Inadvertently these sessions through the time spent on the computer, provide them with an instant understanding of cause and effect, improve their motor coordination, attention, concentration, creativity and sense of time bound activities. Two classes are also fitted with a Smart Board.

The Okhla Centre School has a fleet of five school buses & a minivan for its students. It extends School transportation to most of the areas of Delhi at a subsidized rate.