C.A.R.S -2 (Childhood Autism Rating Scale-2) especially for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (A.D.H.D), Autism Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D)

The Clinic is also equipped with an advanced Speech & Audiology Unit. The services include:

  • Speech therapy for: Articulation disorder, Fluency disorder, Voice disorder, Delayed speech & language development
  • Language developmental programmer
  • Instrumental therapy using speech trainer
  • Hearing Screening with Pure Tone audiometer
  • Auditory Training for hearing impaired
  • Sound proof acoustic therapy rooms

Community awareness Outreach Programmes are conducted in the form of CBR camps.

Assistance is provided in availing of social benefits, concessions & schemes offered by the Government: as Disability pension, Disability Certificate, Health Insurance, and Legal Guardianship etc.