Established in 1999 the TTI offers the following course of a duration of 2 years:

  • Diploma in Special Education (Mental Retardation)
    Intake capacity being 30 students

The Rehabilitation Council of India recognizes the course conducted at TTI & it also has the approval of the Govt. of Delhi. Every year, the Institute brings out successful Special Educators who are placed in schools of repute in Delhi and other parts of the country where they come from.

Regular parent training programs, seminars & workshops are conducted in the Institute by the faculty. The Institute has a Library for professional trainees with more than a 1440 books & national/ international journals. Web-facilitated updated information & technology in all fields, helps up-grade teacher trainee skills. There is a Computer Lab section with Internet facilities where they receive training. This helps them to understand and compare their educational practices, teaching strategies with other states or countries. In totality, the effort is to prepare the trainees as per the current demands of their professional field.

Working in the field of rehabilitation for more than four decades, the Delhi Society for the Welfare of Special Children has been trying to address all aspects in the field to become an all encompassing & rounded one-stop Centre for its students.